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Stew on the Menu: Absolute Comfort!

Stew on the Menu: Absolute Comfort!

We have a tendency to forget about them, but what could be more comforting than the aromas wafting from a stew that’s been simmering in the kitchen for hours before suppertime? Recipes, advice from merchants, product selection, you’ll find everything you need to make a tasty and inexpensive winter stew right here.

Are you a kitchen newbie? Stew recipes, which are usually uncomplicated, are made for you! Here are some tips for all your stew recipes, from the most classic to the most original:

  • – The first and essential step: sear and roast the meat until it’s well browned. Then do the same for the vegetables.
  • – To thicken your stew, first coat the meat and the vegetables with flour.
  • – The size of the chunks of meat will determine how long it takes to cook. When you can pull the meat apart with a fork, it’s ready!


Short of inspiration? Try one of our recipes! 

Recettes de mijotés

And another reason to love these recipes is that they’re even better reheated! Something for your lunchboxes!


Spice It Up! Advice for a Spicy Stew (Curries)

According to the spice hunters at Épices de cru (Spicetrekkers), the first rule is that there are no absolute rules. There are many different spices or spice mixtures (masalas), depending on the flavour you want to give to the stew/curry you are preparing. As always, let your nose be your guide.

You can also try the time-tested classics. Think of Épices de cru’s couscous blend, Ethiopian berbere or chili spice blend. Masalas (mixes of herbs and spices for flavouring curries) are also great in dishes that simmer for a long time over low heat: the white curry blend, an exotically scented herb masala, is excellent in poultry or vegetable curries made with coconut milk. For red meats, we prefer a spicier mixture, such as the Sri Lankan red curry blend or Trinidadian curry blend.

Discover Épices de cru’s vegetarian stew/curry recipes where you can put their advice into practice.


Shopping list

For vegetables, go for root vegetables that can be cooked in a thousand and one ways: they’re delicious, healthy and available at a low cost all winter. For more information on the nutritional benefits and qualities of root vegetables, read our article.

For meat, whether you’re going to make a veal, pork or lamb stew, you can count on our butchers to advise you on the best cuts to choose and how to cook them. Find your butcher.

You can find out more about two of our butchers, Michel Boulais of Boucherie Prince Noir in Jean-Talon Market and Pierrot Fortier of Boucherie de Tours at Atwater Market (in French only), and their profession, at


Bon appétit, and hope to see you soon in our public markets! Discover February’s events in Montréal’s Public Markets here (lien vers calendrier)

Stew on the Menu: Absolute Comfort!

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