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Got a hankering for something sweet? It’s sugaring-off time at your public markets!

Got a hankering for something sweet? It’s sugaring-off time at your public markets!

Spring will soon be springing up, and with spring comes sugaring off time, with its sugar shacks and delicious maple products.

In March, come and satisfy your sweet tooth at your public markets!

Feel like celebrating the arrival of spring like in the good old days? You don’t even have to leave the Island of Montréal! Enjoy sugaring off time at your public markets.

Don’t miss our festive events!

cabane sucre

On March 23 and 24: the urban sugar shack returns for a second year, with two evenings of maple product tastings in a traditional atmosphere.

·     Thursday, March 23 at Jean-Talon Market, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

·     Friday, March 24 at Atwater Market, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Tastings at the merchants’ stands, musical entertainment, personalized cocktails, a lounge area…

Great food and fun on the program! Gather friends and family and head on down to the urban sugar shack for some comfort food and a dose of nostalgia for bygone days.

Your neighbourhood markets are also celebrating sugaring off time!

Our maple producers await with their new harvest of maple syrup.

tire érable

Come and meet them, and discover or rediscover a multitude of maple products:

– Maple syrup from Christian Marois, maple producer
– Maple sugar from Gilbert Jodoin, maple producer
– 100% pure/100% Québec maple products from 
Serge and Diane Trottier
– Maple syrup donuts and pies, 100% pure products from Fernand Théorêt
– Delicious maple filled chocolates from Wawel Polish bakery
And artisanal smoked ham and maple terrine from Fromagerie Atwater…

Time to eat!

recettes érable

On pancakes, in cakes, coffee or seasonings—you can use maple syrup anywhere! Sugaring off time gives you the opportunity to discover other maple products and to try it in everything.

Discover our sweet maple-flavoured recipes to celebrate sugaring off time:

·     Apple, cherry and maple Bircher muesli: smother it in maple syrup!

·     Spiced French toast with maple butter cream: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves… a sweet dessert with a spicy taste.

·     Spring squares: enjoy it as a snack or for dessert!

We love maple-flavoured desserts, but it’s also great in savoury dishes.

Spiced maple-glazed pulled ham: serve it on its own or in sandwiches, in Kaiser buns, with sweet mustard and aged cheddar.

And don’t miss our exclusive monthly recipe, created by Mélissa Clément of Cuisiner en famille: bacon, maple and spinach scones. A tasty hint from the chef: top the scones with crème fraîche sprinkled with maple nuggets!

Sweeten it up!

Did you know that you can replace sugar, honey or agave syrup with maple syrup in all your recipes?

·     You can usually replace cane or beet sugar by an equal amount of maple syrup or sugar in your sweet or savoury recipes.

·     In cakes and most other desserts, for every 250 mL (1 cup) of syrup used, you can reduce the quantity of liquid in the recipe (water, milk, juice, etc.) by about 60 mL (1/4 cup).

For more information, go to

Feel like a maple-flavoured brunch?

recettes érable

Discover these recipes featuring maple products:

·     Multigrain maple nut bread

·     Crustless vegetable quiche with maple syrup

·     Almond maple truffles

The Benefits of Maple

Of course we love all the delicious products that come from maple trees, but Québec’s sugar bushes also contribute to collective well-being and to protecting the environment.

In fact, they help regulate the climate, air quality and water filtration.

In one year, Québec’s productive maple forests store 962,200 metric tonnes of carbon, or the equivalent of 9% of all the vehicles in Québec (290,000 vehicles)!

So when you use maple products, you’re also helping the environment!

Montréal’s Public Markets wish you a sweet sugaring off season!

Got a hankering for something sweet? It’s sugaring-off time at your public markets!

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