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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal

Kiosques de la relève - Season 2023

Kiosques de la relève - Season 2023,
Here, we encourage the new generation! The Kiosques de la Relève are coming to the Jean-Talon, Atwater and Maisonneuve markets this summer! Ready-to-use kiosks that can be rented by the day, they welcome young farmers to allow them to market and promote their products. This initiative of the Montreal Public Markets responds to the needs of these young businesses by adapting to their reality. From June 2 to October 16, come and meet the next generation of Quebec farmers who are spending the summer at the markets!
We are still recruiting!


“As a start-up company, we were not ready to make a permanent commitment to conventional kiosk spaces. Consequently, it was impossible for us to take advantage of the exceptional visibility offered by the Montreal public Markets. We are very happy and eager to participate this year in the Kiosques de la Relève to let you discover the flavours and textures of the fruits of our labor.” Sébastien D-Couture, Les champignons maraîchers
« Having access to a large public market so early in our development makes a huge difference. It is even more interesting for us because it allows us to test our capacity and logistics without the responsibility of being present 7 days a week. Because we have small, diversified farms, we don’t have enough production or resources to be at market all week. » Rémi Fournier, Au cœur du Pinacle

Season’s Schedule

Discover our young companies


I produce dried premium garlic that can be kept from 8 months to almost a year.

At Atwater Market

For this first project on our family’s land, I chose to grow organic garlic, without pesticides or chemicals. Looking forward, I hope to produce a range of locally grown organic products including a variety of fresh garlic as well as garlic flowers and seed.

Founded: 2021

Ail Samuel Côté - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
LES ANARCHOUX - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


Small scale vegetable and flower farm where we produce vegetables and cut flowers grown naturally, without the use of chemicals.

At Maisonneuve Market

Our goal is to make locally grown products more accessible. Here we produce flowers and vegetables for everyone, especially for those seeking sustainable and responsible options. We also want to make organic vegetable more affordable so more people can make healthier choices.

Founded: 2022


We grow vegetables of the highest quality for those seeking healthier options.

At Atwater Market

We favour biointensive agricultural practices that allow us to achieve maximum yield from our land while constantly regenerating the soil. All our vegetables are organic, grown without pesticides, GMOs, or products derived from petroleum chemistry such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides. By sequestering carbon instead of emitting it we leave the soil richer after each harvest. We are also in the process of obtaining our Ecocert certification.

Founded: 2020

AU COEUR DU PINACLE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
AU SEPTIÈME MICRO-POUSSE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


We produce some 10 varieties of organic and local microgreens to help you increase the nutritional value and enhance the aesthetics of your dishes.

At Jean-Talon and Atwater markets

We are Cynthia Olivera and Julian Lasser, and our organic, local urban agriculture is dedicated to the nutritional and aesthetic benefits of the culinary arts. All our products are grown using sustainable and natural agricultural materials to offer you the highest quality freshly cut products. Our practices are carefully measured and designed to limit our ecological footprint.

Founded: 2022


Organic nursery where we grow certified organic vegetable plants, fine herbs, edible, medicinal and honey flowers.

At Jean-Talon Market

For a decade now, our family business has been producing a wide variety of edible plants adapted to the Québec climate. Our quality seedlings are locally grown, without chemical compounds, and are certified organic by Québec Vrai. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable future through urban greening while protecting biodiversity.

Founded: 2019

LA BROUETTE MARAÎCHÈRE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
CHAMPIGNONS MARAÎCHERS - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


Micro farm where we grow gourmet mushrooms.

At Maisonneuve Market

Passionate about mycology and small-scale agriculture, we produce over a dozen varieties of gourmet mushrooms as well as microgreens without the use of chemicals or synthetic pesticides. All our products are fresh, local, and wholesome and are cultivated with care in our environmentally friendly facilities.

Founded: 2022


Multi-product vegetable farm, where we grow sustainable seasonal vegetables and flowers.

At Jean-Talon Market

We are Tommy and Laurence and this farm is the result of our passion and determination. We combine diversity, sustainability, and ecological practices to produce more than twenty varieties of seasonal vegetables and cut flowers. While garlic is our main crop, we also offer eggs from free-range hens and grain-fed chickens, all raised on 100% vegetable products in humane living conditions We also offer raw honey and other products from our apiary.
LA FERME AUTHENTIQUE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
LA FERME DES 3 SOEURS - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


Small-scale farm where I raise pastured Muscovy ducks to produce high-quality red meat with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

At Jean-Talon Market

My priorities are animal comfort, environmental protection, and humane practices. Through pasture rotation and by using local organic feed I have adopted a new agricultural model focused on preserving the soil and ensuring the quality of my products. I offer both raw, frozen (whole duck, breast, aiguillettes, wings, offal) and processed (confit, rillettes, marinated wings, broth, demi-glace, shredded) products. All pieces are cut and processed at my farm.

Founded: 2022


Our registered purebred Highland beef is raised naturally on free-range pasture.

At Jean-Talon and Atwater markets

Our Highland cattle are 100% grass-fed. We provide our Highlands with the very best living conditions including letting them graze naturally on the farm and allowing them to roam freely outside. It’s how we can bring you most mouth-wateringly delicious beef you’ll find anywhere. We also offer various types of sausages and other homemade products.

Founded: 2021

HOVA RANCH - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
LES JARDINS DE LA BELLE VERTE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


Small organic and diversified farm where we produce an abundance of fresh and seasonal vegetables.

At Jean-Talon and Atwater markets

We are Félix, formerly a biologist, and Rozenn, an agricultural engineer, and our farm was born out of our mutual desire to improve on the environmental issues related to conventional agricultural systems. Today our farm measures less than one hectare and we work it without heavy machinery. It is a beautiful ecosystem, located between meadow and forest, that we are privileged to share with birds, insects, deer, and fruit trees.

Founded: 2020


Small-scale diversified farm where I produce fresh, local vegetables.

At Jean-Talon Market

After ten years in the restaurant business, I decided to pursue my dream and farm our family’s land in Mirabel. Here soil health and the environment are at the heart of everything I do. I grow a variety of some forty different vegetables, and those I bring to the markand are harvested the day before for optimal freshness.

Founded: 2021

LES JARDINS DE LA FOURCHETTE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
LES JARDINS DE LA RENARDE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023 - Crédit Photo : Caroline Charette


Urban micro farm in Montreal where I grow twenty varieties of unique cut flowers.

At Atwater Market

An artist and a farmer, I grow original, seasonal flowers, in harmonious and poetic colours. My micro farm takes up a mere 500 square feet on the rooftop of the of the Centrale Agricole in the Ahuntsic district and allows me to participate in the ecological transition towards environmental sustainability and promote a local and circular economy. Photo : Caroline Charette.

Founded: 2022


A 33-hectare ecological farm where we produce vegetables, herbs and berries with love and care.

At Jean-Talon, Atwater and Maisonneuve markets

At Jardins Florelia we grow a variety of over 50 vegetables as well as a wide selection of herbs, as well as flowers that make the most beautiful arrangements. We are also proud to offer Huitlacoche, the corn mushroom prized in Mexican gastronomy, and a first in Québec.

Founded: 2021

JARDINS FLORELIA - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
LES JARDINS DE RÉ-GAIA - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


Organic vegetable farm where we produce over thirty different kinds of vegetables, fresh herbs, and medicinal plants.

At Atwater Market

We are Kamir and Salim, and our family farm is the project of a lifetime. We are grateful to have the support of our children, Inès and Maya, and our friends. Here we live in harmony with nature and our farming practices respect the principles of organic farming and regenerative agriculture, including minimal tillage, green manures, biodiversity, and crop rotation.

Founded: 2021


Organic micro farm where I grow a variety of vegetables.

At Jean-Talon Market

JWith over six years of experience in organic farming, I grow high-quality vegetables on 20,000 square feet of land that includes outdoor gardens and greenhouses.

Founded: 2022

LA MÉNAGERIE LA CHÈVRE and LE CHOU - Kiosque de la Relève 2023
MYCOVORE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023


We produce an exciting variety of wild and cultivated mushrooms.

At Atwater Market

This mushroom farm is a return to our family roots for my father and me. Here we grow a wide variety of mushrooms including lion’s mane, blue and yellow oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, matsutakes, morels, lobster mushrooms, and the very popular earthy and nutty chestnuts.

Founded: 2022


Biointensive vegetable farm where we grow fresh, sustainable vegetables and where our hens lay fresh eggs all year round.

At Jean-Talon and Maisonneuve markets

Here we practice permaculture farming and use scientific methods to maximize vegetable production on a small scale. All our seeds are of the highest quality, and we use no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We believe that sustainably grown vegetables are healthier not only for our customers, but also for our environment.

Founded: 2023

LES RESSOURCES DE LA VALLÉE - Kiosque de la Relève 2023

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