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Musubi, Restaurateurs
Musubi will be present in the Jean-Talon Market food court all summer long
  Musubi is the brand-new food counter in the Jean-Talon Market's resto zone. Here you'll find Japanese-influenced cuisine, including delicious onigiri, ultra-fresh and ultra-tasty Japanese rice sandwiches wrapped in nori seaweed, Jasmine iced teas, iced matchas and Japanese sweets.   Easy to transport, onigiri is considered a particularly healthy and balanced snack, as it contains no fat. It's ideal for a quick, tasty and affordable meal.  
Why musubi? The word Musubi (結び) is generally translated as “binding together” or “connection”. So for us, it represents the connection between our customers, products and our emotions. In addition, “Onigiri(おにぎり) ‘are also called ’Omusubi” (おむすび).  
But what exactly is an onigiri?   The term “Onigiri” comes from the word “nigiru”, which means “to grasp, to squeeze in one's hand”. If you're unfamiliar with this Japanese specialty, it consists of rice balls in the shape of a round or triangle. These balls are often filled with a salty ingredient and surrounded by a piece of dried seaweed, known as nori.  
In the 17th century, samurai stored rice balls in bamboo leaves and ate them as snacks on the battlefield. After the war, this specialty was industrialized on a large scale and found its way into every convenience store in the country. It can be eaten at any time of day, anywhere.  
It's even said that one in ten Japanese eats an onigiri a day!  

Useful information

  • Opening period : June to October
  • Production location : Montréal

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Jean Talon

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