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Tarterie artisanale Création Madeleine

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Tarterie artisanale Création Madeleine, Boulangers & pâtissiers
La Tarterie artisanale Création Madeleine welcomes you at Jean-Talon Market, from May to October, from Wednesday to Monday.

Discover our hand-made pie. We make everything, from the dough pie to sauces made with whole fruits. You will love our twenty different pies!

If you prefer, we have also chicken and salmon pot pie, Lac Saint-Jean pie (with three meats), tourtière, three kind of quiches, vegetarian, tomato and spinach.

So many pie to taste!

Useful information

  • Opening period : June to October
  • Production location : Entrelacs
  • Contact information

  • Phone : 450.228.1637
  • creationmadeleine@gmail.com
  • MPM sur Instagram


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