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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal
May 13, 2021

We’re bullish about free compost!

All news We’re bullish about free compost!

Quebec’s organic milk producers are coming to Marché Jean-Talon with a FREE bag of organic compost for everyone, on the weekend of May 22-24. Some people think composted manure is simply BS, but to dairy producers it’s a treasured natural resource! Are you an avid gardener? Don’t miss LAIT’vènement bio

When cows eat organic feed, they produce organic milk – and organic manure! And because cows are generous by nature, dairy farmers have decided to share these resources with people who like nature as much as they do.

Don’t step in it, plant in it!

Just like organic dairy farmers, you can use fertilizer in your garden. Fed exclusively on organic feeds, including pasture grass, hay, grains and silage, cows contribute to the organic cycle once they’ve digested all that goodness. Now you can join the cycle by coming to claim your bag of organic composted cow manure!

It’s natural, beautiful and organic.

Choosing organic food means supporting healthy, sustainable soils and ecosystems. Here’s how this natural treasure made its way to your garden:

  1. The cows eat organic feeds.
  2. They produce organic milk – and manure.
  3. Select organic biodegradable waste materials, such as sawdust, are added.
  4. Micro-organisms do their work.
  5. The compost is tested for readiness: pH, mineral concentrations, humidity, texture and even odour!
  6. Some soil, moss and lime – all organic, of course – are stirred into the mixture. Voilà! The organic compost is ready to use.

Organic from head to udder

Located on the north side of Jean-Talon Market, the Lait bio stall will be staffed by organic dairy farmers. They’ll be happy to talk about their profession and what organic certification means. We can be proud of our dairy farmers for many reasons:

  • To receive organic certification, farmers must follow a strict set of standards including a transition period lasting at least three years.
  • Quebec has the most certified-organic dairy farms in Canada, with a total of 140 – 53% of all such operations in the country.
  • 42% of Canada’s organic milk is produced here.
  • The green fertilizers used on cow pastures have no synthetic raw materials (chemical fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides).
  • A wide variety of products are made from organic milk: yogurt, cream, butter, and nearly 80 different cheeses.
  • In the last 10 years, organic milk production has increased by 83%.

So, what are you waiting for? Whatever you do, don’t miss this event!

Click here to join LAIT’vènement bio

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