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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal
March 18, 2021

A Spring of Maple

All news A Spring of Maple

  1. Golden Maple Syrup, Delicate Taste

    This maple syrup comes from sap harvested at the very start of sugaring season. You will notice a light golden hue and mild, delicate flavour. Wonderful on yogourt and ice cream.

  2. Amber Maple Syrup, Rich Taste

    Pure and rich in flavour, with a magnificent amber colouring, this maple syrup is ideal for vinaigrettes and adding a fine accent to many dishes and desserts.

  3. Dark Maple Syrup, Robust Taste

    This syrup has a caramelized, more pronounced maple flavour, making it a favourite for use in cooking, baking, and sauce-making. It will take your fruit dishes to the next level!

  4. Very Dark Maple Syrup, Strong Taste

    This maple syrup is from sap gathered at the very end of the season and therefore has the strongest taste of all. It adds rich, distinctive maple flavour, as well as nose and colour, to sauces and glazes.

  • Enjoy maple taffy at Christian Benoit’s stand Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Find the traditional maple butter at Ferme René Lussier
  • Enjoy the limited edition maple water sorbet at Le Havre-aux-Glaces
  • Relish a maple pastry at Fournée des sucreries à l’érable, Créations Madeleine – Tarterie artisanale and Première Moisson
  • Learn how to cook with maple syrup with Anne Fortin’s book : Comment cuisiner le sirop d’érable at Librairie Gourmande
  • Order a sugar shack dish at Marché des Saveurs
  • Taste the syrup of Potager Mont-Rouge, now owner of a maple grove!
  • Revel maple chocolates at Chocolats Privilège
  • Try the maple smoked salmon at Délices de la mer/Atkins et Frères
  • Savor maple taffy at the stand of Érablière Marois Saturdays and Sundays
  • Enjoy maple chocolates at Chocolats Privilège and Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois
  • Marvel at the wide range of maple products at Douceurs du marché
  • Delight with Première Moisson’s pastries
  • Discover all the maple products at Boutique aux Champêtreries
  • Enjoy Première Moisson’s maple pastries
  • Taste maple smoked salmon at Filets Express
  • Buy your maple syrup at Jardins Dauphinais, Aliment merci and at Fromagerie Maisonneuve

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