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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal
May 18, 2017

Tips for a successful gardening season

All news Tips for a successful gardening season

  • Every year, there is one key date to remember for the start of gardening season: Mother’s Day, when temperatures are finally warming up in Montréal. If you buy flowers before then, it’s better to keep them indoors when it’s colder, or cover them with a sheet if they must remain outdoors.
  • There are two very important aspects to take into account when choosing your flowers and your plants: the wind and light available in the space where they will be planted. Ensure that you select plants that are adapted to their future environment.
  • For a flower-filled balcony, it is essential to repot the bedding-out flowers you purchased into larger (and especially deeper) pots, to give the roots enough space to grow and the plants to develop and flower optimally.
  • Do you want a scented garden? Add herbs such as basil, and highly scented flowers such as heliotropes, which have a delicate vanilla fragrance.
  • Some flowers, such as nasturtiums, begonias and pansies, are edible. Add them as a final touch to salads or cook them into colourful and fragrant jellies. You can also freeze them into ice cubes to add some panache to your summer cocktails! Success guaranteed!

Do you find it difficult to choose? Just ask your producer for advice about which flowers to buy. According to the space that you have and the light available in your garden or on your balcony, he or she will be able to guide you to the best choices for you.

  • The most frequent gardening mistake is overwatering! Ask your producer for advice specific to each plant and how water your vegetable garden properly.
  • To optimize your herb production, it’s best to bring the plants inside when the weather is bad and put them back outside when it’s nice for a good dose of sun and heat!
  • Every year, add new plants to your garden. It’s always a pleasure to discover, pick and cook new vegetables!

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