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The public markets are the perfect place to buy locally sourced wares or to make culinary discoveries. Year-round and according to the season, you’ll find a wide range of






. And our butchers, fishmongers, bakers, cheesemongers, grocers and restaurateurs are sure to have something to tantalize your tastebuds. Quebec farmers, processors and specialized shopkeepers are committed to transparency when it comes to what they sell and in showcasing Quebec-grown produce. For your holiday feasts, weekly meals or simple snacks, you’ll find everything you need at your public markets. Come and stock up on fresh locally grown food. You’ll find a wide variety of Quebec-grown fruit and vegetables from your market gardeners and farmers, in addition to produce from elsewhere. With daily arrivals, freshness and variety are ensured year-round. You’ll also find staples such as nuts, spices, cheese and eggs. Discerning gourmets will revel in the vast selection of mushrooms, peppers and fresh herbs. Lovers of fish and seafood, cold-cuts and meats are sure to be pleased with the quality offered by the markets’ shopkeepers. A great selection of certified organic products is also available from many producers and shopkeepers. Prepare your meals with fresh produce and encourage local agriculture. Try our recipes featuring food from the markets’ producers and merchants—your meals will be even more delicious! For a healthy, tasty and local diet, Montreal’s Public Markets should be your first stop! Sign up our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive the latest news of your public markets!
Infolettre Marchés Publics de Montréal

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