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You love shopping in your public markets, but sometimes you need some fresh ideas on how to prepare your purchases… we’ve got you covered! Here on our website, you’ll find recipes from the markets’ merchants and from professional chefs, in addition to recipes created just for you. From festive meals to weekly lunches, Montreal’s Public Markets have original recipes for main courses, snacks and desserts, breakfasts and brunches, cocktail parties, and lots more. Whether you’re into local specialties or world cuisine—there’s something for every occasion and every taste. We also provide culinary advice for newbies and seasoned cooks, alike. You’ll find tips on cooking, reducing waste, food conservation, how to select produce… we’ll set you on the course to becoming a master of the kitchen! Every month, discover a new recipe highlighting seasonal produce created by a chef, exclusively for you. Enjoying locally grown food in season has never been easier. Want to impress your guests? Try our selection of original recipes, featuring fruit, vegetables and other items available in the markets. Before you set off to the market, use our recipes to prepare your weekly menu and your shopping list. You can share them on your social networks, send them by email or print them out. To receive exclusive recipes every month and to find out about seasonal arrivals, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. You can also share

your recipes

with us with the hashtag #MaVieMonMarché Bon appétit, and see you soon at your public markets!
Infolettre Marchés Publics de Montréal

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