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John Stalker

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John Stalker, Horticulteurs
For three generations, the Stalker welcome you every winter at Jean-Talon Market. You can have a fir, freshly cut, with a biodegradable bag for after use. They also have Christmas tree stand, made in Québec, as well as natural decorations, christmas ornament ball in fir… everything you need to decorate your house! And, good to know: free delivery for Jean-Talon market neighbours.

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  • Opening period : December to January
  • Production location : Cantons de l'Est
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    Jean Talon

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    plan du marché Jean Talon
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    Decorative Christmas Branches

    Natural outdoor decorations for the holidays. Wide range of branches (over 25 types: cedar, red pine, white pine,  Norway spruce, fir, birch, dogwood, etc.).



    Fraser Fir

    The Fraser fir is the most resistant of all the firs. Its branches are strong and it has excellent needle retention.



    Falsam Fir

    A cross between the two most well-known Christmas trees: balsam and Fraser fir. Fragrant and resistant.



    Balsam Fir

    The traditional Christmas tree.  Balsam firs are the most fragrant of the firs.

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