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Aqua Mare Poissonnerie

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Aqua Mare Poissonnerie, Poissonniers
Aqua Mare is a family-owned business. All our fish and seafood products are of the finest quality. With our Ocean Wise program now in effect, we can guarantee a selection of sustainably-harvested fish and seafood. We have a vast selection of fresh filets, Mediterranean fish and seafood and a frozen department sure to please every seafood lover.

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    Fresh scallop , from Canadian and American East cost. Can be eaten raw - in carpaccio, ceviche, tartar - but also grilled or pan seared.



    Black cod

    The black cod is a firm white flesh fish, usually served in filet. The oily properties of the fish makes it perfect for it to be grilled with miso paste, orange zest and ginger.



    Skate wings

    Boston's skate wings are already cleaned and ready to be cooked, especially blackened with capers and lemon.




    The salmon is sold in steaks or in boneless filet with or without skin. You can enjoy it raw in tartar, sashimi or sushi or simply cooked.



    Salted cod

    This Nova-Scotia cod boneless and skinless filet is used for the famous Bacalhau dish and must be rinsed for 12 to 24 hours depending on the water change frequency.




    We get our swordfish mostly from Boston or Miami. It's meaty flesh and pronounced taste makes it a perfect match grilled with steak spices.



    Nordic shrimp

    These shrimp from the St-Laurent estuary are available fresh in shell from april to june, peeled and fresh from april to november, and unfrozen all year round.



    Québec Lobster

    This tender-fleshed crustacean can be enjoyed boiled in lightly salted water or grilled in the oven or on the BBQ. Lobsters are always wild and never farmed. The fishing season differs, depending on region and season. Cooking time: 10 min./lb. in boiling water. To cook in the oven: boil for 10 min. then finish in the oven for 8 min.



    Snow crab

    Snow crab is seasonally fished from April to May, in the St. Lawrence River up to the Magdalen Islands. You can eat as much as you want of this high-end, unique tasting product during this limited period.

    Cooking tips: place the crab in boiling, salted water, let the water come to a boil again, and cook it for 12 min.




    Delicate white firm meat, light humid texture, chewy.

    Can be found in tube form fresh,rings, or frozen depending on fish Markets.

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