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Le Jardin des Filles à Paul

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Le Jardin des Filles à Paul, Maraîchers
Since 1965, Le Jardin des Filles à Paul offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their specialties: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchinis, cocombers, pickles and berries including strawberries and raspberries.

Find Le Jardin des Filles à Paul at Jean-Talon Market, all year long.

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  • Opening period : Open year round
  • Production location : Ville Mercier
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  • Kiosque : 514.272.5102
  • À la ferme : 450.691.0955
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    Jean Talon

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    We know this member of the cucurbitaceae family by its Italian name, which means "little squash." Zucchinis are excellent in ratatouille, or sauteed, fried, stuffed, au gratin or in soup. Zucchinis don't have many calories (approximately 15 calories per 100 g) and contain useful amounts of folate, potassium, vitamin A, which attack free radicals and protect the eyes, and rutin (vitamin P), which helps oxidize cholesterol.



    Québec field tomato

    A juicy fruit that's excellent in salads and sandwiches! Several varieties available, depending on time of year and merchants: Italian, baby Italian, round, grape, cherry, a variety of shapes and colors... ask your merchants for their favourites!




    Depending the merchant, you will find them in different colors. Yellow, red and orange are sweeter than green. Delicious in salads, casseroles ... a ray of sunshine in your plate!



    Québec raspberry

    Small, sweet red berry with a slight tang. Buy them fresh and don't forget to freeze some for the rest of the year! You don't really need us to tell you how to enjoy this fruit! Indulge yourself and eat it as you wish: fresh, with yogurt, cereals, in a pie, jam, or salad ... the possibilities are endless!



    Québec strawberry

    Small red berries, freshly picked! From sweet to very sweet... it's Mother Nature who decides!



    English cucumber

    There are forty cucumber varieties on the market. US varieties that grow in our gardens are shorter and massive, while the varieties commonly named "English" or "European" are longer and thinner.

    Cucumber is composed of 97 percent water, which certainly makes it a refreshing vegetable, especially during summer heat waves. The blandness of its taste is noticed rather quickly, though sometimes develops some bitter suspicion.

     Cucumber comes from the same family as melons, squash (and courgettes) and pumpkins.




    Cauliflower is low in fat, low in carbohydrates but high in dietary fiber, folate, water, and vitamin C, possessing a high nutritional density.




    Orange-fleshed melon. Juicy, aromatic, sweet and tasty! Cantaloupe is normally eaten as a fresh fruit, as a salad, or as a dessert with ice cream or custard. Melon pieces wrapped in prosciutto are a familiar antipasto.




    Broccoli is variety of cabbage. It is high in vitamin C and dietary fiber.

    It is particularly rich in lutein and also provides a modest amount of beta-carotene.




    An essential ingredient in ratatouille and moussaka. Eggplants will jazz up your summer dishes! And did you know that they are full of anti-oxidants?

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