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    Since 2004

    Épices de Cru

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    Ethné and Philippe de Vienne have been crisscrossing the planet for the better part of 20 years in their quest for exceptional spices and authentic spice blends. Their daughter Marika, a fervent tea enthusiast, lived in China for many years and has since made tea hunting her profession. Arik, the youngest, is a gifted and accomplished ceramist who designs and hand crafts a growing line of practical tableware for – among other things – the wide assortment of spices and teas offered by his clan.

    These are but some of the treasures that the de Vienne’s would like you to discover at their boutique Épices de cru. See, smell and even taste: three hundred unique and sometimes rare spices, as well as their made- in-house spice blends; more than sixty privately imported teas, sold in bulk or by the cup; original, hand-crafted ceramics, many created exclusively for the boutique.

    Of course, none of this would be worthwhile without the assistance of our affable, well trained, cherished employees!

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    Chai Spice Blend

    Infuse this blend of rich, aromatic spices into your favorite teas to make a plain or milk chai. Wonderful when used for desserts.

    The robust aromas of mace, clove, cardamom and fennel with a hint of black peppercorns make this Chai Spice Blend ideal in strong black teas. However, our chai blend goes well in milder teas or teas that are low in caffeine. Chai Masala is good for milk-based desserts like crème brûlée and custards. Chocolate desserts and cakes as well as pear and apple confections.



    Jamaican pepper

    Also called "allspice" because its taste is a mixture of pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.



    Long pepper

    Long pepper comes from the same family of flowering vines that produce black pepper. A pepper favored in ancient Rome, the allure of long pepper is being rediscovered today in the West.

    More flavorful than black pepper, long pepper has a slow heat at the onset and a lingering flavor. Use as you would regular pepper. Easily ground in a mortar, long pepper however must be broken into small pieces to fit into a pepper mill. Long pepper is a flavorful, everyday pepper yearning to be rediscovered.



    Gingerbread spices

    A French classic known as Pain d’épices, this spice blend is used for cookies, baked goods and desserts – perfect for Holiday baking.




    Whole almonds carefully selected and controlled expertise with a thin crunchy shell, slightly curved round shape and a soft heart, our macaroons are made ​​using an exclusive recipe.



    Jasmine Bi Lo Chun Green tea

    A delicate, lightly frangranced tea, that is equal parts green tea and jasmin in flavour. Perfect for those who love floral teas that aren’t too overwhelming.



    Oolong Ginseng Tea

    A highly fragrant oolong tea with a sweet and intriguing flavor.

    Both oolong and ginseng are reputed to hold energizing properties. They make quite the duo in this blended tea. The first taste of Oolong Ginseng tea is quite delicate. Sweet notes of ginseng are revealed as the steeping tea matures. The ideal morning tea.



    Spiced teas

    '- Moroccan Mint & Absinth Green Tea
    - Silk Road Chai
    -Cinnamon & Long Pepper Black Tea
    - Saffron White Tea



    East coast seafood spice blend

    Our East Coast Spice Blend is perfect for making everything from Crab Cakes to Lobster Rolls. Composed of paprika, yellow mustard, celery seeds and aromatic spices, this blend will also enhance any vegetable, fish and chicken dish as well as the more traditional crab, shrimp and lobster dishes it was created for.



    Tourtière spice blend

    Perfect for making Quebec-style tourtières, known elsewhere as Canadian meat pies.



    Mulling spices

    A warm, comforting spice blend, with a peppery hint that recalls the festive smells of the Holidays. It’s excellent in red wine, hard cider or even in plain apple cider for a non-alcoholic version.




    Essential ingredient in Indian cooking, turmeric is also a spice with many health benefits.



    Arik de Vienne Ceramics

    Crafted ceramics by Arik de Vienne. Hand crafted mugs, cups and bowls.




    Like pepper, a pinch of this true cinnamon is enough to improve all sorts of dishes. It can be used in liberal quantities in desserts, curries, slow-cooked dishes and baked goods.

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