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Fines Herbes et Ail Patrick Lauzon

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Fines Herbes et Ail Patrick Lauzon, Horticulteurs
Family business for two generations, “Fines Herbes et Ail Patrick Lauzon” is specialized in the production of many varieties of herbs and in the production of summer and winter garlic.

“Fines Herbes et Ail Patrick Lauzon” welcomes you at Jean-Talon Market, from early May to mid-June, from Friday to Sunday; and from mid-June to early October, 7 days.

Useful information

  • Opening period : May to October
  • Production location : Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines
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    Jean Talon

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    Garlic Flower

    Garlic flowers have a milder taste than garlic. Chop them finely to season your dishes or for pesto or enjoy it as a vegetable.




    Fresh garlic is usually available in our markets around Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, at the end of June. Garlic is a fresh product, easy to digest. To preserve its aroma and crunchiness, add it at the end of cooking or food preparation. Never put garlic in the fridge, instead, leave it out in a dry place.

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