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Fromagerie La Moutonnière, Fromagers
Famous for its farmstead sheep milk cheeses, the mission of La Moutonnière is to nourish your body and soul with good-tasting, high-quality products made in an artisanal manner. “100% Happy Sheep” is our symbol of quality.* What does it mean? It means that, for example, that our pastures are seeded with a mix of a dozen wild plants so that the sheep may graze at will on herbs, flowers, grasses, pulse crops, etc. This varied diet is translated into great-tasting milk and cheese. Our sheep are free to graze outdoors in our pastures from spring to the first snows and they can drink fresh spring water, available in every field.

We also get high-quality milk from other sheep farms who follow the same practices we do.

Come and taste our cheeses, dairy products and find your woollen socks for winter at the same time! We are open every day at Jean-Talon Market!

*Our practices are detailed on our website.

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  • Opening period : Open year round
  • Production location : Sainte-Hélène de Chester
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  • Phone : 819.382.2300
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    Le Bleu is a distinctive cheese with an attractively veined with natural green and blue molds . The rind is natural and it has a slightly sweet flavor with the characteristic sharpness of the blue cheese family. In spite of its character, this cheese has a subtleness that begs to be tasted again and again.




    Feta is a very white fresh cheese that is cured in brine. Originating from Ancient Greece, its taste is slightly acidic and salty, with a very soft and crumbly texture. Feta is ideal for cooking or use as a garnish.




    Le Ricotta is a traditional Italian fresh cheese made with whey that has a smooth creamy texture and sweet flavour. Our farmstead ricotta is softer than that typically made from cow or goat milk.
    It provides an excellent opportunity for you to discover or rediscover the happiness that can come from true, artisanal ricotta.



    Sheep milk

    Sheep milk is mild flavored, quite rich and tastes slightly sweet. It possesses a higher solid content than cow or goat milk and contains up to twice the vitamin/mineral content of these other milks in calcium, phosphorous, zinc and B vitamins.

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