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Since 1995

Première Moisson Maisonneuve

All merchants !  Bakers and pastrycooks

Première Moisson Maisonneuve, Boulangers & pâtissiers
Première Moisson Maisonneuve is an artisanal bakery, since 1995.

This bakery is famous for its delicious creations (pastries, ready-to-eat…) and of course for its breads, elaborated with natural flours, unbleached, chemically untreated, produced entirely from wheat grown in Quebec.

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  • Opening period : Open year round

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Gluten free bread

Première Moisson is proud to launch a range of quality products designed for people sensitive to gluten. Developed mainly based on rice flour, sorghum and other foods naturally gluten-free, it will delight a growing share of the population, without suffering from celiac disease, feels discomfort to consume this protein.


Walnut sourdough

A simply sensational bread to serve with a soft-centred or goat cheese. The purplish colour of the crumb is caused by the reaction between the sourdough and the walnuts.


Wheat sourdough

Our wheat sourdough, a white bread with honeycomb crumb and firm, golden crust, has the characteristic tang of sourdough. Its incomparable texture makes this bread especially ideal for toasting. We call it wheat sourdough to differentiate it from its buckwheat or black wheat sourdough cousin.


Raisin, honey and hazelnut sourdough

When toasted, the aromatic blend of this flavour-filled loaf comes tantalizingly alive, making the bread a guaranteed hit for breakfast. It is equally popular and absolutely delicious served plain or with a hint of butter, for an energy-packed snack. The crumb is literally teeming with sugar-coated raisins and roasted hazelnuts!
Intense inspiration: Delightfully intense served with game terrine, beef bourguignon or Saint-Benoît-du-Lac blue cheese. Everyone will want seconds!


Country-style loaf

These breads have a thick crust and compact, full-bodied crumb owing to the addition of rye flour to the white flour. Since rye flour contains less gluten than wheat flour, it is necessary to combine it with other flours having a higher protein content to ensure that the dough rises satisfactorily.
Saucy inspiration: Given their more compact crumb, these breads make delicious bread fingers, ideal for dipping in soft boiled eggs or any other sauce-based dish such as ratatouille, beef bourguignon or pasta.


Figs bread

Quebec flour, candied figs. Delicious with foie gras.


Apple and mapple bread

For gourmet appreciation in abundance, we begin with our moist, mellow Viennese dough. We then blend in morsels of seasonal apples and maple nuggets to achieve a perfect measure of sweetness.


Lodève bread

This bread was created in honour of Saint Fulcran, the bishop who governed the small French village of Lodève back in the Middle Ages. Originally called pain paillasse because it had been left at the bottom of a paillasse, a rye straw basket used to shape bread, our Lodève loaf is an unshaped bread that is meant to be placed at the centre of the table so everyone can help themselves. Hence its association with friendship and sharing. Made with sourdough and a little yeast, the bread has a gentle bitterness that blends to perfection with strong cheeses and game terrines. As they say in Lodève: “Eat bread and you will live well!”


Sweet Maple Bread

Viennese pastry rolled with maple sugar, topped with fondant.


Olive fougasse

Fougasse is a Provençal specialty flatbread with white crumb and decorative openings cut into the dough on the diagonal. Flavoured with olive oil, it was originally made with buckwheat, unleavened and cooked in a hearth beneath the coals. Over time, the Latin name ‘focus' became focaccia, which evolved into fouace, fouasse and finally fougasse. Seasoned with herbes de Provence, our fougasse is brimming with black olives, which explains the notable intensity of flavour.

To enhance the taste of this appetizer bread, heat in the oven at 175°C (350°F) for 4 to 5 minutes.



The classic of all classics, the baguette is the perfect bread for any occasion. It is the most popular type of bread in France, where some 10 billion baguettes are consumed each year! The cream-coloured, honeycomb crumb and fine, crunchy crust are your assurance of quality and freshness. A baguette is indeed hard to resist!

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