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Verger Éric Tanguay

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Verger Éric Tanguay, Maraîchers
Orchards Tanguay family welcome you to Jean-Talon market since 1968. The farm located in Rougemont offers you apples all the year long and, depending on the season, pears, plums, cherries, rhubarb and squash, pumpkins …

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  • Opening period : Open year round
  • Production location : Rougemont
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    Jean Talon

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    Winter squash

    Dark orange flesh, smooth. Enjoy it smashed, in soup and pastries.



    Butternut squash

    Long and sweet orange squash, fragrant, with nuts flavors. Cook it in whatever way suits you best: salad, soup, dessert... Enjoy!



    Delicata squash

    Elongated squash, with a pale color and green stripes. Yellow flesh, sweet taste and hazelnut flavors. Delicious roasted or stuffed.



    Spaghetti squash

    Yellow squash. Its name comes from the fact that once cooked, the flesh can be removed by long filaments, and looks like spaghetti! Sweet and neutral taste, with nutty flavors. Delicious gratinated, in stew. Use it also as pasta!



    Acorn squash

    Dark green rind, yellow-white flesh, sweet with pepper and nutty flavors. This squash can be prepared in soup or in stew.




    In addition to being the star Deco Halloween pumpkins feast our taste buds!

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