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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal

Mango and Coconut Financiers, Diced Strawberries with Black Pepper, White Chocolate Milk Foam

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Mango and Coconut Financiers, Diced Strawberries with Black Pepper, White Chocolate Milk Foam, Desserts et collations
  • Our chef-in-residence, Nicole Anne, has concocted a rich and refreshing dessert for lovers celebrating Valentine’s Day together, and for anyone else who loves the marriage of fruit (both cooked and raw) and chocolate.
    And if you have leftovers, just wrap them up individually and stick them in the freezer, or pop them in the lunchbox for a delicious treat!



    • Makes 10 to 12 financiers.
    • A piping bag (optional)
    • Financier molds
    • 125 ml grated coconut
    • 350 ml mango purée*
    • 125 ml unsalted butter, melted
    • 125 ml sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 250 ml pastry flour
    • 5 ml baking powder
    • 1 ml salt

    Diced Strawberries With Black Pepper

    • Serves four.
    • 200 ml strawberries, finely diced
    • 10 ml sugar
    • 2 ml black pepper

    Milk Foam with White Chocolate

    • Serves four.
    • 250 ml milk
    • 100 g white chocolate
    • 1 ml vanilla extract (optional)
    • 5 ml soy lecithin**
    • *Cut two large mangoes into cubes and purée them in a food processor.
    • **Soy lecithin is available in food stores. It helps to create denser and more stable foam. If you don’t have any, serve the dessert immediately.



    1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F
    2. Butter 12 financier molds.
    3. Beat the sugar with the eggs, then add the butter and mix well together.
    4. Add the mango purée.
    5. In another bowl, mix the dry ingredients and then add them to the wet mixture.
    6. Spoon the batter into the financier molds, or use a piping bag to avoid making a mess.
    7. Bake 20 to 25 minutes, or until the financiers are firm to the touch.
    8. Unmold and cool them on a rack.

    Diced Strawberries With Black Pepper

    1. Mix all the ingredients well together, and set aside.

    Milk Foam with White Chocolate

    1. Slightly heat the milk and melt the white chocolate into it. Add the vanilla and lecithin.
    2. Beat vigorously or, even better, use a hand mixer until the mixture becomes very frothy.
    Plating the desserts
    Plating the desserts: place a financier on each plate, spoon a line of milk foam beside it and add a tablespoon of the diced strawberries.
    A recipe from our chef, Nicole Anne Gagnon.

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