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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal

Space to rent

Space to rent,
Accueil » Become a vendor » Space to rent

Montreal public Markets are an undeniable magnet for local and international customers with over 3 million visits each year. As culinary hot spots, the markets are a perfect incubator for businesses looking to offer a distinctive experience to gourmet and epicurean customers.

Here at the public markets, we nurture entrepreneurship and your gastronome projects! Whether you want to open a buvette, a guinguette, a pizzeria where gourmet spirits will delight, a boutique to share your culinary know-how, or your secrets about the art of the table, share your project with us!

  1. Access to a large customer base: 3 out of 4 Montrealers visit Montreal’s public Markets for a total of 3 million annual visits;
  2. Marketing and promotional support provided by the public Markets’ team;
  3. A unique direct sales experience and exceptional contact with customers;
  4. Event programming for all audiences;
  5. Supply network of fresh local produce;
  6. A tight-knit business community with nearly 200 tenant members who participate in the short-distance food circuit;
  7. Access to a charitable unsold-food reclamation project to contribute to community life. Available at Atwater and Jean-Talon markets.

In their own words

« Having a location in Maisonneuve Market allows me to have a highly specialized boutique, because my offerings are complemented by what my neighbours sell. That means I can focus on the projects that I’m most passionate about and I can offer the customers my expertise.» (Ibrahim Abdelgaawd, Fromagerie Maisonneuve – Maisonneuve Market)

« We owe much of our success to synergies with our artisan neighbours. Their commitment attracts level of traffic that are hard to find anywhere other than a public market, and that has allowed us to reach customers who have a natural interest in our products. » (Ethné et Philippe de Vienne, Épices de cru – Jean-talon Market)

Interested? Be part of the adventure at our major markets!

If you have any questions, please contact the rental team at location@marchespublics-mtl.com.

Accueil » Become a vendor » Space to rent

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