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About Solidarity markets

Offering healthy and mainly local products, the solitary markets are operated by non-profit organizations that aim to provide a fair price for their products, by finding a balance between the amount paid to the growers, the amount required for the markets’ administration and the price consumers pay. Solidarity markets are improving the availability of fresh, local and affordable products within Montreal’s districts, especially in the poorest neighbourhoods, in terms of both food supply and socio-economic levels.

The idea of setting up solidarity markets beside Montreal’s metro stations was inspired by the initiatives of the Frontenac solidarity market and the Sauvé market (both members of Montreal’s Public Markets—MPM), over the past few years. These innovative models, which arose as a result of community and citizen mobilization, have helped improve peoples’ access to fresh fruit and vegetables in their own neighbourhoods.

Coordinated by Montreal’s Public Markets, the establishment of solidarity markets beside metro stations is part of the ‘Plan d’action régional du système alimentaire équitable et durable de la collectivité Montréalaise’, or SAM 2025 (regional action plan for an equitable and sustainable food system for Montreal). Piloted by many actors from various stakeholder groups, this action plan operates at every level of Montreal’s food system: production, processing, marketing and consumption. Its overarching vision is that by 2025, everyone on the island of Montreal will have convenient access to a wide variety of affordable and healthy food, through an approach based on sustainable development.

Solidarity markers, proud members of

Montreal’s Public Markets

This initiative is available due to the help and financial support of ‘’Québec en forme’’ and register in the branch ‘’Système alimentaire Montréalais’’ (SAM) of the 2014-2016 Regional action Plan of the ‘’Table intersectorielle régionale en saines habitudes de vie (TIR-SHV)’’
Infolettre Marchés Publics de Montréal

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