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Caesar salad with roasted asparagus

It's asparagus time, and here's a great way to cook and use it. Don't hesitate to break the parmesan tiles over each portion of salad, which will add a nice...
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La Fournée des Sucreries de l’Érable: The Proof Is in...

Like Getafix and his proverbial magic potion, Serge Boivin, owner of La Fournée des Sucreries de l’Érable, is bent on keeping his famous maple syrup pie...
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Victoria day schedules of your public markets !

If you'd like to take a stroll through your local markets to do your shopping over the long weekend, here are the times for Victoria Day... If you'd like to take a stroll through your local markets to do your shopping over the long weekend, here are the times for Victoria Day of Atwater, Jean-Talon and Maisonneuve markets as well as our Solidarity and Neighbourhood Markets.. Atwater Market Friday, May 17: 9am to 6pm   Saturday, May 18 : 9am to 5pm   Sunday, May 19: 9am to 5pm   Monday, May 20 : 9am to 5pm Marché Jean-Talon Friday, May 17: 8am to 6pm   Saturday, May 18 : 8am to 6pm   Sunday, May 19: 8am to 5pm   Monday, May: 8am to 6pm  Marché Maisonneuve Friday, May 17: 9am to 6pm   Saturday, May 18 : 9am to 6pm   Sunday, May 19: 9am to 5pm   Monday, May 20: 9am to 5pm   Neighbourhood Markets schedules Place Jacques-Cartier Friday, May 17: 9am - 12amSaturday, May 18: 9am - 12amSunday, May 19: 9am - 12amMonday, May 20: 9am - 12am Mont-Royal Kiosk Friday, May 17: 24/24  Saturday, May 18: 24/24   Sunday, May 19: 24/24   Monday, May 20: 24/24   Square Victoria Friday, May 17: 7am to 6pm Saturday, May 18: 8am to 4pm Sunday, May 19: 8am to 4pm   Monday, May 20: 7am to 6pm  Jean-Brillant Market Friday, May 17: 24/24Saturday, May 18: 24/24   Sunday, May 19: 24/24  Monday, May 20: 24/24 Metro Papineau Market Friday, May 17: 8am to 7pm   Saturday, May 18: 8am to 7pm    Sunday, May 19: 9am to 7pm   Monday, May 20: 8am to 7pm    Square Saint-Louis Friday, May 17: 6:30am to 8pm   Saturday, May 18: 6:30am to 8pm    Sunday, May 19: 6:30am to 8pm   Monday, May 20: 6:30am to 8pm   Solidarity Market schedules Frontenac Market Friday, May 17: Closed  Saturday, May 18: Closed     Sunday, May 19: Closed Monday, May 20: 12pm to 7pm      Please note that the opening hours of certain kiosks may differ. If in doubt, please contact your favorite merchants directly. 
L'actualité' MPM


The Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent!   

Come discover the rich culinary world of the St. Lawrence river at the second edition of the Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent. This unique gastronomic... Come discover the rich culinary world of the St. Lawrence river at the second edition of the Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent. This unique gastronomic event celebrates the edible species of the St. Lawrence River, Estuary and Gulf, with a six-course menu carefully crafted by eight renowned chefs.  On the 2nd floor of the Jean-Talon Market, each dish will reveal how the St. Lawrence enriches Quebec gastronomy in an exceptional way with both familiar flavors like snow crab and scallop,  and lesser-known species like sea spinach, borage and surf clams.   A complimentary mimosa will be offered with the brunch and you will have the opportunity to enhance your culinary experience with a curated drink menu of local ciders, wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages.   When: Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2 at 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. or 3 p.m.  Where : Jean-Talon Market, 7070 avenue Henri-Julien, Second floorHow to get there: Tickets are on sale now at $180 plus tax for two people. Tickets are sold in pairs only. Each ticket includes 6 courses, a glass of mimosa, service and ticketing fees. Hurry, availability is limited!  TICKETS 6-COURSE MENU Please note this is a set menu with no option to alter or modify in case of allergies or intolerances    ADRIAN PASTOR ET RIWAN MAIRE Projet Yaku Snow crab, seaweed and sea-spinach kimchee·CHLOÉ OUELLET ET JULIETTE FRASER CHOUINARD Au Pâturage - Espace Gourmand Scotch eggs with smoked turbot, whelk and seaweed sauce vierge·AMINE NASRALLAH Chaud Devant! Quebec scallop ceviche, seaberry juice, wintergreen mousse, cucumber and sea lettuce·ANDRÉ-NICOLÀS MEDINA Rouge Gorge Quebec asparagus vichyssoise, Nordic shrimp and Stimpson’s seaclam salsa ·CONSTANT MENTZAS Palomar Halibut sausage, Quebec strawberries and rhubarb ·REMY COUTURE Chef pâtissier consultant Pavlova with cranberry cream, white chocolate and juniper whipped cream with cranberry confit and sumac Passionate Chefs ready to showcase the culinary diversity of the  St. Lawrence   Thanks to the collaboration of the Collectif Mange ton Saint-Laurent! and Hôtel Zéro 1, this year's chefs will help you discover some of the many species that make the St. Lawrence a veritable culinary delight for the Quebec terroir.    Such is the case of Adrian Pastor of Projet Yaku, who sees the Mange ton Saint-Laurent Grand Brunch as an opportunity to share his specialty: seaside cuisine. Originally from the Peruvian north coast and based in Rimouski for the past 5 years, this chef is delighted to showcase snow crab, his favorite St. Lawrence species to cook. "The very short seasonality of this species makes it an exceptional product” he says. "I also love the dynamic that is created around crab, like crab parties when the last snow is almost gone and the maple trees are still flowing, wow! And, of course, I love its delicate taste, texture and the versatility of its meat.”   Other chefs will also be taking advantage of the event to showcase species they feel are still unexplored . For example, Chloé Ouellet of Au Pâturage - Espace Gourmand, nominated at the Lauriers de la gastronomie québécoise in 2024, will include whelk in her dish, while André-Nicolàs Medina of Rouge Gorge, will be delighted to cook Stimpson’s seaclam during the Grand Brunch, as he believes they are delicious and insufficiently promoted. Discover this year chefs  ADRIAN PASTOR AND RIWAN MAIRE Projet Yaku  In Quechua, an indigenous Peruvian language, Yaku means water. The water of the St. Lawrence River inspired the birth of this gastronomic project, dedicated to the creation of convivial and personalized culinary experiences.  Featured in the media : Caribou, 2023, «La nature bas-laurentienne comme source d’inspiration»  Radio-Canada, 2023, «Cuisiner le flétan, avec le chef Adrian Pastor»   Website & Instagram   CHLOÉ OUELLET AND JULIETTE FRASER CHOUINARD Au Pâturage - Espace Gourmand  Au Pâturage's mission is to showcase Quebec's rich and diverse terroir by offering a delicious agrotourism experience on its magnificent terrace in the heart of the countryside.    Featured in the media : Tastet, 2023, «Au Pâturage : Fine farm-to-table dining»  Caribou, 2021, «Chloé Ouellet : jeune cheffe en mission»  Website & Instagram  AMINE NASRALLAH Chaud Devant !   Chaud Devant! has become a benchmark in the art of high-end caterer with their focus on taste, flavor and texture, always showcasing Quebec’s local produce and artisans Featured in the media : Tourism Montreal, 2023, « Chaud Devant! Is heating up Montréal’s catering scene »  La Presse, 2023, «Chaud Devant! : comme au resto»  Website & Instagram  ANDRÉ-NICOLÀS MEDINA  Rouge Gorge  At Rouge Gorge, chef André-Nicolàs Medina concocts a delicious seasonal menu that perfectly complements the diverse drinks menu of this popular Plateau-Mont-Royal wine and cocktail bar.  Featured in the media : Tastet, 2023, «Rouge Gorge : bar à vin gourmand Avenue Mont-Royal»  La Presse, 2021, «Le Rouge Gorge redémarre la machine! »  Website & Instagram   CONSTANT MENTZAS Palomar  Palomar offers a unique culinary experience with an exclusive focus on fish and seafood. Dry-aged fish and charcuterie based on aged fish are the stars of the menu!     Featured in the media : Tastet, 2023, «Palomar: Delicious fish&seafood at Jean Talon Market»  Journal de Montréal, 2023, «Palomar : une nouvelle poissonnerie format «tout inclus»   Webiste & Instagram  RÉMY COUTUREchef pâtissier consultant  Rémy Couture, recipient of Canada's Best Apprentice Pastry Chef award early in his career, went on to work in top restaurants before opening his own pastry shop, Crémy, which delighted many for over 10 years. Today, he works as a consulting pastry chef.     Instagram   PICTURES FROM LAST YEAR'S BRUNCH 2023 A collaboration with the Collectif Mange ton Saint-Laurent and Hôtel Zéro 1  Using a variety of communication tools, and with Colombe St-Pierre as spokesperson, the mission of Mange ton Saint-Laurent! is to inform the Quebec public about the various scientific and societal issues, as well as promising initiatives related to fisheries and the development of coastal communities in the Bas Saint-Laurent, the Côte-Nord, Gaspé and Îles-de-la-Madeleine.  Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Hôtel ZÉRO1 is a modern, comfortable, independent establishment offering guests a unique stay experience. Hôtel ZÉRO1 has been welcoming international corporate and leisure guests for 13 years. Committed to promoting local culture and with a privileged location in the Quartier des spectacles, ZÉRO1 is proud to support initiatives that showcase the region's talents and products.  This event is made possible thanks to the support of the Ville de Montréal. 
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