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Les Marchés Publics de Montréal
July 4, 2023

Le Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent! comes to Jean-Talon Market

All press releases Le Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent! comes to Jean-Talon Market

Montreal’s public markets, in collaboration with the Mange ton Saint-Laurent! Collective and the Office Montréalais de la gastronomie, present Le Grand Brunch, a delicious, not-to-be-missed event on July 16. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., a gourmet meal will served in three seatings (10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.). Ticket holders will enjoy a menu showcasing the bounty of the St. Lawrence with a six-course brunch developed by 11 acclaimed Montreal chefs. The event will take place in the city’s great temple of gastronomy, Jean-Talon Market. Tickets are now on sale for $110 for two people. Hurry, availability is limited!


“Fish and seafood from the St. Lawrence are still relatively little-known here, even though they’re popular internationally. With this first edition of Le Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent!, we’re proud to help make our local products more accessible. And there’s no better way than to have some of our best chefs prepare them, bringing us closer to our river!” said Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet, executive director of Les Marchés publics de Montréal.


An entirely local experience

Chefs David Gauthier (Bar Saint-Denis), Paul Harry Toussaint (Kamúy), Olivier Louissaint (Chef Oli), Amine Nasrallah (Chaud devant!), Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly and Alex Dunberry-Perron (Marconi) and Charlotte Maurin, Magie Marier, Mathilde Bourin, Héra Schneider and Mia Robert (Ratafia) will have the honour of showcasing delicious products found only in the St. Lawrence with a six-course brunch. The menu will delight confirmed seafood lovers as well as novices who enjoy discovering new flavours. In addition to seafood, diners will also enjoy a selection of ciders, wines, beers and other beverages to enhance the experience.  




David Gauthier 

Bar Saint-Denis 


Gaspésie shrimp, sour cream with onions and chicharron


Olivier Loussaint 

Chef Oli 


Deviled egg, yellow beets, smoked trout mousse and carrot croustillant 


Amine Nasrallah

Chaud devant!


Tiradito of halibut with miso 


 Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly and Alex Dunberry-Perron 



Seafood salad shrimp, mussels, whelks, dashi with tomato water and garden herbs 


 Paul Harry Toussaint 



Jerk fish with zucchini 


Charlotte Maurin, Magie Marier, Mathilde Bourin, Héra Schneider and Mia Robert 



Brick, algae caramel, togarashi, creamy dark chocolate and honeysuckle berries  

The importance of discovering and eating local products

The Mange ton Saint-Laurent! collective works daily to help Quebecers discover and embrace the edible bounty of the St. Lawrence River as well as its Estuary and Gulf. Knowing that more than 80% of the St. Lawrence’s catch is exported to other provinces and countries, the Grand Brunch Mange ton Saint-Laurent!, presented in collaboration with the Office la gastronomie montréalaise, offers the public a chance to discover crustaceans, algae, molluscs and fish of exceptional quality and freshness. 


Tickets are now on sale for $110 for 2 people at www.marchespublics-mtl.com/brunch-stlaurent 

Taxes not included.


About the Société des Marchés publics de Montréal  

The Société des Marchés publics de Montréal is a social economy enterprise responsible for the planning, development and operation of Montreal’s public markets. Its mission is to improve access to fresh food through a network of public markets that brings Montrealers closer to local farmers and agri-food businesses. Since 1993, it has been mandated by the Ville de Montréal to manage the Atwater, Jean-Talon and Maisonneuve markets, six Neighbourhood markets and three Solidarity markets. It is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors composed of five merchants and five residents of the Montreal urban agglomeration. Its membership includes nearly 200 merchants active at the public markets. The Société’s network of public markets is frequented by more than three quarters of Montrealers, with more than 3 million visits annually. 


About the Office montréalais de la gastronomie (OMG) 

The Office montréalais de la gastronomie is an initiative of Tourisme Montréal created in 2021 thanks to the financial support of the Ville de Montréal. OMG’s mission is to mobilize the relevant communities to strengthen Montréal’s status as one of North America’s premier dining destinations. Its objectives are to position gastronomy as a driver of economic, social, environmental and cultural development and as a place of creation and innovation; to help relevant sectors increase the scope of initiatives adding value to the destination, and to facilitate business opportunities; to stimulate and recognize initiatives to promote the artisanal products of Montréal and our regions; to highlight key elements of Montréal’s and Québec’s cultural heritage and culinary identity; and to increase the visibility of Montréal’s products, chefs and artisans outside of Québec. For more information, please visit www.officemtlgastronomie.ca


About Mange ton Saint-Laurent!

Using a variety of communication tools, and with Colombe St-Pierre as spokesperson, the mission of Mange ton Saint-Laurent! is to inform the Quebec public about the various scientific and societal issues, as well as about promising initiatives related to fisheries and the development of coastal communities in the Bas Saint-Laurent, the Côte-Nord, Gaspé and Îles-de-la-Madeleine.




If you would like to arrange an interview or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact:    


Myriam Martin-Brochu  Brand Manager Société des Marchés publics de Montréal 514-829-5323 mmbrochu@marchespublics-mtl.com  



Infolettre Marchés Publics de Montréal

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