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Beet and Sprout Salad, with a Spicy and Creamy Dressing

All recipes |  Appetizers, Main dishes

Beet and Sprout Salad, with a Spicy and Creamy Dressing, Entrées
  • Preparation time : 15 minutes
  • Total time : Cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • By Bobby Grégoire, Gastronomy Specialist
    Level of difficulty: Easy
    Type of dish: Appetizer



    • Sprout mixture: 125 mL (½ cup)
    • Lebanese cucumber, in 1 cm cubes: 2
    • Beets, in 1 cm cubes: 2 small
    • Mesclun: 125 mL (½ cup)
    • Candied tomatoes: 80 mL (⅓)
    • Sunflower seed oil: 45 mL (3 tbsp.)
    • Cider vinegar: 30 mL (2 tbsp.)
    • Salt and pepper: to taste

    Spicy and Creamy Dressing

    • Greek yogurt, 10%: 60 mL (¼ cup)
    • Hot sauce (e.g., Kipik): 15 mL (1 tbsp.)
    • Maple syrup: 15 mL (1 tbsp.)


    • Bread chips: 12
    • Pea sprouts: 60 mL (¼ cup)


    Blanch the beets in boiling water in a small pot for 10 minutes. Cool under running water once they are cooked and peeled.

    1. Cut all the vegetables into 1 cm cubes, except for the candied tomatoes.
    2. Put all the salad ingredients with the oil and cider vinegar in a large mixing bowl. Gently toss.
    3. Combine the yogurt, Kipik hot sauce and maple syrup and mix well in a bowl.
    4. Transfer the salad into serving bowls, add a spoonful of the yogurt sauce and garnish with a few broken bread chips and pea sprouts.

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