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Since 1970

Les Jardins Dauphinais (Fruiterie Maisonneuve)

All merchants !  Fruit and vegetable growers, Horticulturists

Les Jardins Dauphinais (Fruiterie Maisonneuve), Maraîchers
We are at the Market Maisonneuve place in Hochelaga Maisonneuve. We are concerned about getting you fresh fruits and vegetables at the best quality possible. Come and see by yourself the freshness of our products and the excellent service offered by our employees. Futhermore, the frutery offers you a lot of interresting products like exotic fruits, biological fruits and vegetables, flowers, christmas trees and country products.

Les Jardins Dauphinais (Fruiterie Maisonneuve) has always been concerned about encouraging Quebec businesses and others in the region. For us, the importance of our region reflects in our desire to improve the depollution, especially by using biodegradable bags or by selling reusable bags.

Useful information

  • Opening period : Open year round
  • Production location : Montréal

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plan du marché Maisonneuve
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Depending the merchant, you will find them in different colors. Yellow, red and orange are sweeter than green. Delicious in salads, casseroles ... a ray of sunshine in your plate!



Vegetable with a strong aniseed flavour. Can be served as raw snack or as healthy drink. Rich in vitamine K.



Vegetable. To eat salty (soup, salad...) or sweet (cake). Excellent when it's cooked as a marinade.

Cooking: boiling water, 60 min, or in the oven, wrapped in foil for 45 minutes.

Other varieties to discover:
- yellow beet
- Chioggia Beet
- white beet


Asparagus from Quebec

Discovered to the antique in Eurasia, it’s the first vegetable of the summer in Quebec. Short-term product in cool temperature, it’s very important to make a good choise. They must be firms, supples and resistants in the break, have a well ear and not be too dry or crumple on the base.
To cook them, no peel, remove only the base and put in a cauldron of slightly salted boiling water, about ten minutes. Serve them with lemon and oil, with a vinaigrette or simply nature; you will be crazy about it!

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